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He had a dream as a child to be a facilitator in order to determine what others love to do for the rest of their lives so they would be happy and self-sufficient. In his development, he was able to find a way to allow his personality to be revealed, especially in his occupations, and he learned how to use his experience to help others.

Some of those experiences include, twenty-eight years in the world of Business, Information Systems, Non-Profit Management and Human Resources Management.  One of the questions he would ask when he met people was, “Are you happy doing what you do each day?” Surprisingly, he found that very few individuals go to work each day to an occupation they love but go sadly because they feel they have to pay the bills so off they go. As a result he has perfected a system for anyone, of any age, to find out what they love to do and then he provides a systematic plan for them to obtain the highest level of education and suitable occupation allowing them to act out their dreams.

Some of his awards include outstanding service and achievements in the fields of Management, Education, Telecommunications, Training, Computer Information Systems, and Hardware. He has outstanding problem solving, leadership, presentation, training, interpersonal and communication skills.

His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management from Chapman University in Orange, California, an MBA in Employee Selection and a Master of Science in Information Systems Management from Hawaii Pacific University, a Masters Degree in Public Adminstration with a concentration in Non-Profit Management and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management with a concentration in Human Resources Project Management. He has a certificate in Education, concentrating on Career Counseling, and he is a leader in the delivery of high quality educational programs on a personal basis and through the Internet.  He is presently studying at the Doctoral level at Saybrook University to become an Organizational Systems Consultant with a primary focus on Family Systems Development and Non-Profit organizations, His work experience includes being a Chief Executive Officer, Director of Education, and professional educator:  Associate Professor for Hawaii Pacific University, University of Phoenix (online and in-class), Hawaii Campus, DeVry, Embry-Riddle and Chapman University.

He is truly a master of his craft and his ability to help can only be explained as an experience.

Our Team Members

Counselor, Autism Specialist

An advocate for individuals who have learning disabilities for over 25 years.

He is truly a master of his craft and his ability to help can only be explained as an experience.