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Level 1
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Our first level includes: A meeting, in person, on the phone or via email which includes a written interpretation of the following:

  1. A personal self-assessment questionnaire which allows you to take a look at the past, present and future asking questions about tasks you have done, are doing and may want to do. This questionnaire also includes three questions which will open your mind to the career you seek.
  2. A short version of the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator (for children under 14 the Murphy-Meisgeier Indicator) to provide you insight into your personality.
  3. You will be provided Charles’ insight into how to use these two instruments in your personal and professional lives.
  4. A pamphlet explaining personality type and its significance. Our studies show people who align their personality and careers are not only happy in their careers but are able to maximize their wealth at the same time.
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